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Local Fireman Paul talks about Fire why Fire Safety Labels are crucial

Local Fireman Paul talks about Fire why Fire Safety Labels are crucial

Fire as we all know was a turning point for the evolution of mankind. From camp fires keeping us warm in the winter, to sending rocket ships into space, combustion was the answer. However we also know of the hazards of fire, after all “if you play with fire you’re going to get burnt.” With fire knowledge and information is what will keep us safe.

The Fire Triangle

Fire, or combustion, require three key ingredients; oxygen, fuel and heat. This trifecta is often referred to as the “Fire Triangle”. If you were to take away one of the sides of the fire triangle then combustion would no longer be sustainable and the fire would go out. We see this every day with candles, once the wax is gone the fire no longer has any fuel so it will go out. Likewise if you were to put a candle in a jar and close the lid the flame would be extinguished, you have taken away the oxygen. And finally, if I wanted to take heat away from a fire then I would pour water on it to cool it down. These are the basic principles of firefighting.

Fire can spread through three different methods; conduction where fire is spreads to something that it is touching, convection is where the heat from the fire travels through an object and ignites an object further away and radiation is where the energy from the fire is radiated directly into another object causing combustion.

Now that we are armed with the knowledge of what fire is and how it can spread let us look at how fires start and how we can implement good fire safety in our work places. Take the work place for example, a production floor. Here you can find many different ignition sources for fire. You may have cutting machines which are producing large amounts of heat from the friction which the cutting tool emits. You could also find solvents and other chemicals with either a low evaporation point or low ignition point. Using these examples and going back to the fire triangle we now have two of the three sides. It is in scenarios like this where you are at the highest risk of a fire starting. The more complete the fire triangle the closer you become to ignition.

Fire Safety Labels, Fire Safety Stickers, Fire Safety Signage

This is why adequate signage and appropriate fire safety labels informing you of potential fire hazards or fire quenchers is essential. If you know that two of the three sides of the fire triangle are present, then you will be more cautious not to add anything that would further encourage combustion. Similarly, the presence of emergency procedure signage in a work place, e.g. Fire extinguisher identification plates, emergency exit and rally point signs or hazard/ warning signs, are not only essential but are legally required. This is, in part, due to the number of people who are potentially unfamiliar with a location, such as delivery people or external contractors, needing to know what’s what in an emergency situation. Another reason for emergency signage is as a cheat sheet for knowing what to do and what not to do. There are so many different types of hazards in the work place nowadays that it would be impractical to send every staff member away on a training course where they learn every possible hazard or combination of hazards and what to do to prevent them. Instead a few Health and Safety officers could now be trained to this level and they can then use warning signs, hazard signs, fire safety labels, emergency action plan signs, prohibition signage and other informative paraphernalia to educate those with less training in what to do to prevent an emergency.

Knowing what to do and when, in an emergency situation will result in a better outcome. Knowing how to prevent an emergency situation entirely is obviously better. Knowledge and information will keep you safe. 

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