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Traffolyte Valve Tags

Lucas UK are specialists in engraving valve tags and valve discs

Our Valve Tag Discs are cut out of light-weight triple layered coloured sheets of engraved traffolyte plastic. Traffolyte plastic is anti-conductive, durable, and anti-corrosive. Laser engraving each valve tag with text permanently marks the tag by cutting into the second coloured layer. Lucas laser engrave tags with sequential numbering or legends. We have a full range of colours available online for colour coded valve tags and numbered valve tags. All our standard valve tag sizes are available online. Looking for something different? Or want to customise your valve tags to specific needs? No problem - call a Lucas Sales Advisor direct, we customise orders every day.

We offer several fixtures for tags, e.g. ball chain which attaches through a hole at the top of the valve tag, with a connector that secures it at both ends. This allows the tag to be hung in the appropriate location such as on valves or piping. Or you can choose self-adhesive backing when placing your valve tag order.

Our specialised engravers laser mark your data onto each valve tag in time for your delivery. Create you data file using one column for each line of data. Upload your data file in the PRODUCT CUSTOMISATION tab and click SAVE, then add your selected product to the cart.

Lucas UK regularly manufactures numbered valve tags, equipment plastic tags, isolation tags, P & ID tags, or plumbing identifications tags to our client base in large bulk orders, on time, every time. Our regular clients come from all over the UK and order our valve tags directly online because they know they will get quality engraved valve tags to their exact specifications and fast!

Lucas UK clients often require custom cut valve tags to shapes and sizes.
Identification Tags, Disc Tags, Key Fob Tags, Valve Identification Tags, Sequential Numbering Tags.

Valve Tags are often engraved with information related to a localised valve chart, making it easy to identify each valve's operation. Valve charts display necessary information for mechanical system maintenance, which provide water, heating, cooling and ventilation throughout a building. For further information on valve chart boards email:

Do You Need Help Ordering Valve Tags Online? We are here to serve your needs and to give you the best quality in product and service. We look forward to hearing from you!


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