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Peel & Stick Pipe Markers

The Peel & Stick Pipe Marker Lucas Range arrow ended with self adhesive backing.

The Lucas Peel & Stick Pipe Marker Range consisting of Rectangular Peel & Stick Pipe Markers with arrows on both ends and Peel & Stick Die-Cut Arrow Ended Pipe Markers are available in a wide range of colours including ANSI / ASME A13.1 – 2007, British Standards BS 17:10 or custom colours in keeping with your project’s requirements on-site. Online, our marker colour range includes:

Gas pipe markers coloured yellow.                              Water pipe markers coloured green.

Firefighting pipe markers coloured red.                        Acid and alkalis pipe markers coloured purple.

Electrical pipe markers coloured orange.                     Steam pipe markers coloured silver.

Solvent pipe markers coloured brown.

Lucas also prints the International Safety Symbols onto pipe markers to aid in globally recognising and communicating hazards. We also print GHS symbols onto pipe markers. The GHS is a system for standardising and harmonising the classification and labelling of chemicals. Each pictogram corresponds to specific hazard classifications. EU-GHS /CLP, Effective June 1st, 2015. These symbols indicate potential hazards in pipelines when placed on pipe markers critical for an emergency procedure, general safety for workers on-site, and safety in the work environment. Each symbol communicates a warning like ExplosivePressurised GasesCorrosiveFlammableOxidizingToxicGeneral WarningHarmfulHarmful to The EnvironmentWarning ElectricityWarning Cancer-Causing Agent and so on.

Peel & Stick Pipe Marker Sizes

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