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Danger Labels - Engraved Traffolyte

Danger Labels - Engraved Traffolyte

Customise your own Danger Labels. Choose from 6 standard sizes in Yellow /Black colour combination.  ADD YOUR TEXT for laser engraving in the PRODUCT CUSTOMISATION tab.
Danger labels are used to warn of potentially dangerous situations, substances, or locations. Anything that poses a threat to life should have a danger strip label attached. Whether you need these strips for anything from ammonia warnings to acid warnings, we have the best to offer at Lucas Products and Services. Our strips are used routinely in a wide array of situations such as factory locations and medical locations. In other words, our job is very important!

What material do we use for Lucas Danger Labels?
Our danger labels are made of tough phenolic plastic called Traffolyte. It's so strong and resilient that it can handle harsh chemicals and environments, as well as heavyweight and force. This stuff does not break or bend easily.

Why Engraved Traffolyte is cost-effective?
Traffolyte material is durable, cost-effective, and a guaranteed high-quality printing solution for long-term use. Engraved Traffolyte comes in multi-layered phenolic plastic sheets, suitable for engraving. They retain their colour, and engraved markings are resistant to most atmospheric substances and certain chemicals. Our laser engraved Traffolyte products are cost-effective due to our fast turnaround production cycle. We use the latest high-speed laser engraving technology with permanent markings of your data. And as we take pride in utilising all our materials, there is little waste through these state-of-the-art laser technologies.

Customise your own Danger Label to suit your own specific requirements?
We offer our Danger Strip labels in the highly-effective colours yellow and black. The yellow background serves as an excellent eye-catcher, whereas the black letter engraving allows you to see the message boldly and clearly.

Lucas Strip Labels production guarantees high quality, low costs and fast turnaround.
Thanks to the efficient production process, we can offer our strip labels at an excellent, competitive price. They have a thickness of 1.5mm and their total size measurements are a width of 60mm with a height of 20mm.

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