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Etched Stainless Steel Tags, laser marked and used as Valve Tags, Asset Tags, Equipment Tags, Inventory Tags, Valve Tags, Identification Tags, refer to Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Diagrams or Electric Circuit Diagrams in industrial plants. Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Project Managers, Maintenance and Plumbers refer to these diagrams to understand the industrial and plant processes on site. Lucas Products and Services are experienced in handling large scale tagging projects for industrial purposes. Our Sales Advisor can advise you on the best possible and cost effective solution for your Stainless Steel Laser Engraving Tags.
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So why do we still choose Stainless Steel Tags over less expensive options like Traffolyte.

Stainless Steel remains a popular choice over other materials in industrial tagging. This is mainly due to its incredible durability and resilience to extreme environments. Industrial Etched Stainless Steel Tags are available in all shapes and sizes. At Lucas we permanently mark large volumes of Industrial Stainless Steel Tags using laser engraving. This permanent marking appears darker than the stainless steel material itself, clearly defining your data on each tag. Our highly trained and skilled technicians at Lucas also mechanically engrave Stainless Steel Tags. Cutting deep markings into stainless steel tags later filled with colour paint matching. We specialise in Laser Marking also know as laser etching or laser engraving.  Some projects that require a deeper marking with paint colour fill of your choice and here we use a slightly different process called Mechanical Engraving.

We supply your custom engraved metal tags within 24 hrs of your online order. Enter your text for laser engraving in the Product Customisation Tab or upload a file containing a list for laser marking onto a large volume of stainless steel tags.

Experienced Maintenance Managers choose stainless steel tags along with stainless steel wire fittings because they know their value.

Ask any Maintenance Manager working on site what is their biggest nightmare in any maintenance job and they will tell you worn away fixings on previous tagging systems. Stainless Steel Tags with poor fixtures often go missing making identification a challenging task. Lucas provides stainless steel wire and crimps for fixing your tags that guarantee equal longevity to the tag. An Industrial Stainless Steel Tag’s role is to provide information and to identify all energy sources affecting the equipment or machinery. Lucas Products and Services manufactures Industrial Stainless Steel Tags using high quality 316 grade stainless steel. We also provide stainless steel wire and stainless steel crimps to ensure your tags are securely attached.


Lucas Products and Services turn around etched stainless steel tag orders within 72 hours of your order. We keep you informed of all stages of the project cycle. We have vast experience supplying Stainless Steel Etched Tags for large scale projects. Our highly skilled artisans manufacture and engrave large volumes of stainless steel tags specific to your requirements in our state of the art production workshop. Our knowledgeable sales team are at hand to advise you and answer any questions. Lucas use the latest high-speed laser etching technologies ensuring high quality products with permanent markings that last the test of time in highly corrosive or caustic environments. Lucas Stainless Steel Etched Tags are ideal for equipment subject to frequent wash downs or chemical cleanings or tags on machinery that continually run at high temperature.

Our online store at offer a wide range of Engraved Stainless Steel Tags commonly used for a wide range of custom engraved tags such as: Valve Tags, Asset ID Tags, Equipment Tags, Numbered Tags, Barcode Tags, Inventory Tags, Cable Identification Tags (See our Engraved Cable Markers) and Products Tags. Product Tags are used to brand products. Logos, QR Codes and a company's information are engraved onto the stainless steel tag and then attached with self-adhesive backing or any of our wire or chain products.

  • £ 2.95

    Circular Tag Stainless SteelGrade: 316Finish: Brush polishedDiameter: 30mmThickness: 1mm approx.Pre-Drilled Hole: 1 x 3mm holeFixture: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 2.35

    Stainless Steel Tag Stainless SteelGrade: 316Finish: BrushedDiameter: 38mmThickness: 0.9mm approx.Pre-Drilled Hole: 1Fixing: Ball chain included in price

  • £ 3.25

    Stainless Steel Tags Laser engraved with your text!Grade: 316Finish: 2B mattDiameter: 40mmThickness: 1mmPre-Drilled Hole: 1 Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 3.55

    Stainless Steel Tags Grade: 316Finish: 2B MattDiameter: 50mmThickness: 0.9mm approx.Pre-Drilled Hole: 1 x 4mm hole Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 3.50

    Premium Quality Stainless Steel Tag Size: 50x25mm, Grade: 316, Finish: 2B matt, Thickness: 0.9mm approx., Pre-Drilled Hole: 1 x 4 mm hole, Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 3.95

    Stainless Steel Tag Grade: 316, Finish: 2b on both sides, Size: Width 75mm x Height 25mm, Thickness: 0.9mm approx., Pre-Drilled Hole: 1 x 4mm hole Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 3.95

    Stainless Steel Tag Stainless Steel 316Finish: 2b MattThickness: 0.9mm approx.Number of Holes: 1 x 4mm holeProduct Customization: Yes, upload your data or type in Product Customisation tab, then add to cart. Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.

  • £ 3.25

    Stainless Steel Tag Stainless SteelSize: 50mm x 15mmGrade: 316Finish: 2b MattThickness: 0.9mm approx.Pre-Drilled Hole: 1 x 4mm hole Fixing: Refer to FIXINGS on Home page for ballchain, stainless steel wire and crimps.Enter or Upload your data oIn the Product Customisation tab below, and then add the product to your cart.

Lucas supply five standard sizes for stainless steel rectangular tags with the option of 1 hole for fixing or no holes with self adhesive backing.

Stainless Steel Tag Diameter 25mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag Diameter 30mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag Diameter 38mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag Diameter 40mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag Diameter 50mm >>

These stainless steel heavy duty circular tags commonly used as valve identification tags are laser etched with vital information for use in plant environments. Each engraved valve tag displays important information, often numbered tags related to the P & ID Diagrams. Hot Water tags, Cold Water Tags are also commonly engraved onto valve tags. Engraved Tags ensure safety in the work place and can even prevent personal injury and reduce overall company costs.

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Lucas offer standard sizes for stainless steel rectangular tags. We can also customise sizes for any specific requirement.

Stainless Steel Tag 50mm x 25mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 75mm x 25mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 50mm x 15mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 90mm x 15mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 60mm x 20mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 85mm x 50mm >>
Stainless Steel Tag 140mm x 40mm >>

Etched Stainless Steel Tags are a preferred Industrial tagging solution mainly due to their reliability, durability, anti-corrosive and extreme weather resistant properties that last the test of time.

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