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Engraved Traffolyte Plastic 

Engraved Traffolyte Plastic

Engraved Traffolyte Plastic Tags, Labels, Nameplates, Mimic and Fascia boards, Control and Instrument panels are manufactured at Lucas Products UK. Our highly skilled engravers use cutting edge high precision machines to laser engrave permanent markings onto sheets of coloured Traffolyte. We offer 11 colour combinations of Traffolyte (rigid plas...

  • Traffolyte Valve Tags
    Traffolyte Valve Tags

    Our Valve Tag Discs are cut out of light-weight triple layered coloured sheets of engraved traffolyte plastic. Traffolyte plastic is anti-conductive, durable and anti-corrosive. Laser engraving each valve tag with text permanently marks the tag by cutting into the second coloured layer. Lucas laser engrave tags with sequential numbering or legends. We have a full range of colours available online for color coded valve tags and numbered valve tags. All our standard valve tag sizes are available online. Looking for something different? or want to customise your valve tags to specific needs? No problem, call a Lucas Sales Advisor direct, we customise orders everyday.

    Each valve comes with a Ball chain included in the price. This aluminium beaded ball chain which flows through the hole of the valve tag has a connector that secures it at each end and hangs the tag in the relevant location such as valves or piping. The other option you can choose online is self-adhesive backing on your valve tag order.

    Ordering your valve tags or valve discs online and you will received your order within 48 hours. Our specialised engravers and laser mark your data onto each valve tag in time for your delivery. All you have to do is upload that data online in the PRODUCT CUSTOMIZATION tab & SAVE. You received your Custom Valve Discs with 48 hours of your online order at Laser-Engraved.co.uk.

    Lucas UK regularly manufacture numbered valve tags, equipment plastic tags, isolation tags, P & ID tags, or plumbing identifications tags to our client base in large bulk orders, on time, every time. Our regular clients stretch from all over the UK order our valve tags directly online  because they know they will get quality engraved vavlve tags to their exact specifications and fast!

    A Lucas UK plastic valve tag comes with one hole including ball chain or blank with self-adhesive backing. We do not charge for valve tag accessories or our excellent adhesion.

    Lucas UK clients often require custom cut valve tags to shapes and sizes.
    Identification Tags, Disc Tags, Key Fob Tags, Valve Identification Tags Sequential Numbering Tags.


    Valve Tags are often engraved with information that relates to a localised valve chart making it easy to identify the operation of each valve. Valve charts display necessary information for the maintenance of mechanical systems which provides water, heating, cooling and ventilation throughout a building. For further information on valve chart boards email: tim@laser-engraved.co.uk

    As always, Lucas UK strive to ensure that your online order is accurate and delivered within 48 hours.

    Do You Need Help Ordering Valve Tags Online?  Call us today at 0161 850 0153 or send us an email at tim@laser-engraved.co.uk. We are here to serve your needs and to give you the best quality in product and service. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Traffolyte Plastic Labels
    Traffolyte Plastic Labels

    Our Lucas Engraved Traffolyte (Rigid Plastic) Labels come in a wide array of choices suitable for services and purposes. Underneath this label are the certain categories: Machine Labels, Electrical Safety LabelsCE Labels and Strip Labels.

    Overall, Traffolyte labels are used in facility areas and on large, manufacturing machines to offer warnings to people that are near danger zones or are operating the machinery. They can be used on items in high traffic areas like arenas and festivals. Construction sites and chemical testing areas also use our state-of-the-art Traffolyte labels.

    Our Traffolyte labels are manufactured at Lucas with phenolic plastic materials that provide amazing durability. They are anti-corrosive and are durable to bend when resigned to heavy and/or difficult use. If your company requires heavy-duty performances and routines, our labels are waiting for you! Our Engraved Traffolyte (Rigid Plastic) labels are available in 11 different colour combinations to suit your requirements.

    We use the latest laser engraving technology with carbon dioxide lasers to etch the data onto the Traffolyte.

    Do You Have Any Questions?

    If you have any questions or need assistance in ordering a Traffolyte label, give us a call at 0161 850 0153.


  • Traffolyte Name Plates & Boards
    Traffolyte Name Plates & Boards

    We Laser Engraved Traffolyte Plastic nameplates, CE nameplates, Rating plates, Legend plates, Mimic and Control panels, Switch panels, Braille panels, Emergency Stop Legends and Fascia boards, we cover it all here at Lucas. We custom cut and engrave traffolyte to any shape, size or colour from panel device panels and Emergency Stop Legends to  switch boards designed for electrical control systems. Need help with your bespoke engraved products, call a Lucas Sales Advisor at 0161 850 0153 to guide you through your order and help you get what you want.

    At Lucas Products & Services our motto is:

    'Need help with your Engraved Traffolyte Order?, we guide you through the design process and provide a fast and efficient service, promising excellent products and ensuring that you get what you want, how you want it and when you want it.'

    You can rest assured that your order will be correct, on time and on budget!

    Why Traffolyte?
    Traffolyte is a tough phenolic plastic that is resilient and long-lasting. It can withstand harsh chemicals and heavy weight pressures and forces. Even better? It doesn't break or bend easily! Many employers and companies became exhausted of losing important data from printed ink. The art of engraving Traffolyte became a saving method! Engraved lettering offers a permanent data option whereas ink eventually fades in time unless a liquid or chemical destroys it first.

    At Lucas Products and Services, it is our passion to serve you with the best. Are you needing a sturdy name plate for your factory's production walls? You've come to the right place. We understand the responsibility of having to comply with safety rules and regulations. In most work places, laws, rules and warnings are required to be posted. Why risk printing everything on paper that can easily disintegrate? Anything that is printed and engraved on our tough Traffolyte name plates is guaranteed to last through any harsh environment.

    Cost Effective Solution
    For one name plate, we have it priced at a convenient £5.00. Simply upload your data and your order will be processed and produced in quickly.

    Give Us a Call Today! 0161 850 0153.

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